Our friends at Urban Farmhouse believe in and try to support local efforts, especially when it involves growing fresh healthy produce. That’s why our new partnership with Urban Farmhouse is a match made in local heaven. We love Urban Farmhouse and the delicious products they carry and from the beginning they’ve been on of our strongest compost partners.

So we’ve partnered for an exciting fundraiser for these groovy t-shirts and  all proceeds from these t-shirts go straight to Tricycle Gardens so we can continue to thrive and grow!

If you are local you can take advantage of the Shared Shipping option. If you use ourFree Shipping/Handling Coupon, your shirt and receipt will be shipped directly to our urban Farmhouse downtown location. 1217 E. Cary Street. By choosing this option, you will reduce the trash and fuel used to ship your shirt individually. Plus, we will give you a free coffee when you come in to pick up your shirt! We are planning a shirt distribution day on Saturday, April 13th. Free Shipping/Handling Coupon =bzsob1119




As always, your support is appreciated!