Stop by our table on Earth Day (in old Manchester, at the foot of the 14th  Street Bridge) and pick up some seedlings for your garden!  Heirloom and organic, some veggies, flowers & herbs!



Come on out and get dirty with your neighbors in Carver!  Time for a rightous spring clean up! Corner of Kinney & Leigh Streets.  Bring work gloves and get ready to get dirty!

Cooking freshly harvested collards at the Neighborhood Resource Center

Cooking freshly harvested collards at the Neighborhood Resource Center


Please join us from

1-1:30pm we will be touring the Fulton Hill Neighborhood Resource Center Garden (1519 Williamsburg Road)

1:40-2:10pm we will be touring the Church Hill Garden (Jefferson Avenue between 23rd & 24th)


nrc0409Tuesday afternoon was damp and rainy but the gardening community of staff, volunteers, and children at the Neighborhood Resource Center were busy planting leeks, lettuce, and herb transplants, putting up trellises and harvesting lettuce and collards. We celebrated this spring harvest by creating a snack of collards sauteed in a small amount of butter and olive oil, lightly seasoned with apple cider vinegar. The collard plants that we planted last fall are in full growth mode with our cool rainy weather! Organic greens are so delicious; especially when you planted, grew them and harvested them right before cooking! Next week: We’ll make salad dressing with dried oregano and basil that we harvested in the fall. It will be delicious with our gorgeous lettuce that is almost ready for harvest!
-Allison Mesnard, Gardening Teacher, Director of Horticulture, Tricycle Gardens


U of R has just launched this new website which allows students and others to compare per capita energy usage in the dorms at U of R in real-time. They can also use the site to compare their energy usage converted into pounds of carbon, miles, dollars and lightbulbs. The university hopes to sponsor future inter-dorm competitions using this site to help reduce energy usage, as the site was only official launched on Thursday, April 2, 2009, at an educational fair where on- campus students were informed about energy saving behaviors and alternative energy sources. Check it out, and kudos to the University of Richmond!


arugula, april 10th

A patch of arugula, April 9th, 2009. How does yours look? awesome?-excellent! If not, Kitchen Garden Builders is ready to come over to your house to help.

See ‘kitchen gardens’ link at op of page. Cheers! Nellie



Saturday, April 11


Perennials and Vegetable Seedlings

Good Prices

Location: Jefferson Ave between 23rd & 24th St


Fantastic organically grown plants: lettuce, broccoli, kale, collards, arugula, cauliflower, Swiss chard and cabbage, are ready at our greenhouse. Many of these are heirloom varieties. To purchase them for your garden please contact Allison at We will arrange for someone to meet you at the greenhouse so that you can pick out your plants!