March 5th, 7:30pm, 414 N. Thompson Street!


Great Green Places

For the Greener Good is a public series that affirms the National Building Museum’s commitment to environmental sustainability. It calls on experts from diverse backgrounds to investigate links between environmental sustainability and design, public health, energy policy, bioscience, infrastructure, education, and even popular culture. The series features topics ranging from nuclear power to consumerism and urban slums to carbon storage. Participants will discuss ideas, experiences, and potential solutions in a public exchange at the Museum. READ MORE >>


The garden design is curvy, with no corners. The beds are built of concrete block with cast in place concrete curves. This garden is a children’s learning garden, a garden for the members of the NRC, and a source of food production for the NRC cafe.

1519 Williamsburg Road | (804) 864-5797


The garden design is primarily a children’s learning garden.

2801 Creekview Drive  (about 8 miles south of Richmond) | 804.743.7414


Established in 2008, this garden is a children’s learning garden with a cooking and nutritional component.  For more information, visit:

1708 North 22nd Street | Garden Contact: Nellie | 231-7767 |