As reported by Rachel DePompa on NBC12, Mayor Jones introduced the Community Garden Ordinance at Cit Council on Monday night. This will make it easier for citizens of Richmond to build community gardens in their own neighborhoods.  Read more about it HERE>> Thanks Mayor Jones!


Danny Finney, has been working for weeks on designing and building our two new hoop houses. The framework was assembled a few weeks ago with lots of volunteer help and on Tuesday we put the plastic up. Already growing inside are collards, spinach, basil and flowers. We’ll be experimenting to see what we can effectively grow during the winter. Feel free to stop by and check it out!


Swiss chard harvested by Josh at the 9th and Bainbridge Farm

Lots of great greens are available at the 9th and Bainbridge Farm! Come on over to check out our bee hive, worm boxes, hoop houses, compost bins, and lots of herbs and greens!


Hi Everyone! Come on out this Saturday, Nov 13, 10am-2pm and lend a hand as we clean up the sidewalks, the yard, remove barbed wire, do some painting and general clean up at our new headquarters in Church Hill! Bring tools-especially big pliers and wire cutters and leather gloves to help remove the barbed wire. Flat shovels for scraping up the weeds in the sidewalk! Paint brushes and rollers!  Or just come by and check out what we are up to.  2107 Jefferson Avenue, in Church Hill!

Meanwhile, on Sunday, Nov 14, 11am-4pm, we will be working on the Permaculture Forest Garden Installation at the Science Museum (head to the back of the museum, down DMV Drive). Please join us!


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Watch this!


The farm is thriving with the cool weather! Come on over and check out our new hoop houses that are being installed. Our farm stand hours are currently Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4:00 to 6:30. We will no longer have farm stand hours on Saturdays. It is time to plant winter greens which will produce in the fall and spring. We have kale and collard seedlings available for purchase. Vegetables ready for purchase: lettuce, kale, Swiss chard, mustard greens, green beans, basil, tomatoes, hot peppers (jalapenos, Thai hot peppers, Aji Dulce), eggplants, zinneas, and herbs cut to order: chives, marjoram, lavender, stevia, sage, lemon verbena, lemon grass, leeks, and parsnips. Come on over for fresh, delicious, vegetables!


9th & Bainbridge Urban Farm : huge fun giant community workday TODAY! 10am-3pm. Help us build 2 hoop houses 16’x40’x10′! We will be growing veggies all winter, come out andhuge fun giant community workday TODAY! 10am-3pm. Help us build 2 hoop houses 16’x40’x10′! We will be growing veggies all winter, come out and learn about urban agriculture & git dirty! learn about urban agriculture & git dirty!

Chimborazo Community Garden : Build more beds, general clean, fall maintenance and good people getting dirty!

please join us, lend a hand, or just come out and say hello!


Over the next couple of weeks, Tricycle Gardens is renovating and upgrading an old gas station at the base of Church Hill. The new HQ will house our administrative offices, a workshop, a small retail space, and 6000 SF of an outdoor living classroom, for all kinds of learning about how to grow food in an urban setting, to increase an understanding of ecology, and our relationship with the local and global eco-systems. Please stop by and say hello!