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What is 350? 350 is what climate scientist agree needs to be the PPM (parts per million)of carbon dioxiode in the atmosphere. Currently we are at 392 PPM, and rising. Prior to the 10/10/10, we are organizing an awareness campaign. Please join us by hanging a clothesline in your front yard. We will provide t-shirts painted with 350 to hang on your line. For $20 you get 3 t-shirts, clothes pins and clothes line. Stop by the 9th & B Farmstand, Tuesdays 4-7pm & Thursdays 4-7pm, and Saturdays 9-12am, or call Elli Sparks (804.475-6775) to arrange a pick up.

Then on 10/10/10, head on over to Tricycle Garden’s urban farm on Bainbridge and 9th Streets to visit a climate success story. We will spend the morning from 10 am – 1 pm preparing Richmond’s first urban farm for its winter hoop houses. After we’re done working, we’ll head on over to the Richmond Folk Festival, which is only a 15 minute walk from Tricycle Garden’s urban farm. Walk, bike, ride the bus, or car-pool to our event.


This is the innovation we are talking about!


Sunday, October 3 · 11:00am – 7:00pm

Join us for the most important day in the building of Richmond’s first-ever Permaculture demonstration garden! We will be digging two swales for water catchment and storage, and planting an assortment of baby trees, bushes, grasses, flowers, and other plants- all of which are either native, edible, medicinal, or any combination thereof. Everything is being done with an eye for longevity and low maintenance. This project will evolve greatly over time as the perennial plants grow, and this is your chance to say that you were there at the very beginning of a new page in the life of the Science Museum and gardening as we know it in Richmond!

Directions- going west along Broad Street, take a right onto DMV drive, following the signs for the recycling center. Take a left into the parking lot behind the SMVA right before the light- you will see a wooden three-rail fence at the end of the lot. That is where we are!

See you there!!


9th & B Urban Farm

Jefferson Avenue Community Garden

Fulton Hill Neighborhood Resource Center

Humphrey Calder Community Garden


Hello all! This Sunday, Sept 26,is the first of three days this fall to get involved with our first-ever permaculture installation, at the SMVA! We’re designing a small 45 x 65 plot with perennial edibles, and this Sunday we’ll be needing lots of help to get the ground tilled, swaled, shaped, and planted with clover and other nifty plants to help our baby food forest grow!

10 am, or after brunch if you prefer- bring your boots, gloves, and water (Shovels too if you have them)! Feel free to email soizic@tricyclegardens.org if you have any questions, or call 804 615 3365.

See you there!


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Ready, set, go!